Dai Duong Hoang

My name is Hoang Dai Duong, and I graduated with a Master of Science Economics Finance degree from the University of Freiburg in 2019, after spending three years in Germany. In 2015, before my departure, I had studied German in Lila Zentrum for around three months.
Even though it was not a long period, I was completely satisfied with the quality of the German classes there. Miss Duong is such a passionate teacher, and her German knowledge is top-notch too.  My German class there was quite small of around 10 students, so she could mentor each student carefully to make sure no one would be left behind. I could see my German improve quickly along the course. And even when I was already in Germany, Miss Duong still supported me and gave me a lot of advice. I still keep contact with the class members until today, and we still chat to each other occasionally.
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